Product Lifecycle Management

Project Management Consulting
Whether you need project management to execute your project portfolios planning for years or you need to manage projects for your customers or products Pravam consultants have the right expertise to help you in the business management of “Projects”. The challenge with project management is to have
A single system where you can manage the entire investment program for internal capital investment with project expanse control integrated with corporate cost controlling
To have a collaborative management system should you have the need of managing various client projects with revenue and expenses linked to the corporate cost and revenue elements

Our consultants help you in selecting the right kind of tools to manage your projects. They also help you in explaining the right business processes for your projects in order to be managed with optimum
  • Cost and budget control with in project (s) integrated with corporate cost and budget control
  • Scheduling approach and factors control
  • Planning of tasks and networking them with proper and business logical WBS and project structures
  • Resources capacity utilization with allocation to the jobs
  • Cost, revenue and cash management
  • Project progress analysis, cost analysis and corporate reporting
  • Project inventory control with various types of inventories available to the project, material purchases and management
  • Project simulations, version management and many more..
Plant Maintenance Business Management

Pravam carries an experience of 15 maintenance projects in SAP and business analysis. Our maintenance consultants has experience from shop floor along with experience in maintenance management systems handling and implementations. They have techniques to deal with shop floor problems and have expertise in change management in order to lift your maintenance staff on business processes and help them to perform better and with a advance management systems specifically designed for your maintenance system.

Pravam expertise can be utilized to rectify and optimization of:
Insert your content here Maintenance operations/ works costing and its integration with finance
Refurbishment process and workshop management
Reservation and purchasing processes for maintenance spares with automatic determination of related finance system
Plant shut down works, scheduling, planning of tasks, cost management for all types of costs, vendor management
Preventive maintenance management techniques including plant shutdowns
Handling spares and consumables inventories in maintenance stores and their integration with main warehouse
Work order management with planning, scheduling and costing

Data processing interfaces including mobile applications
Emergency breakdown management and integration with operational efficiency
Designing and updating your maintenance master data / plant or system structuring
Maintenance budgeting and its integration with material management, finance and costing
Collaborations for projects, service management etc. reporting, application web enabling and many more…