Internet of Things (IoT) presents tremendous opportunities for firms to grow in the business, cut the competition. It helps to understand the interaction between customers, machines, application systems, and business processes and offer innovation into your products and services. Gathering, processing and distributing data in a timely manner at scale is central to firms profiting with IoT. We deliver delivers the modern information platform to automatically turn vast troves of dispersed IoT data into meaningful information. Pravam helps firms to sense, understand and respond with IoT data in real time making use cases such as smart cities, smart machines and smart systems a reality.

Business Benefits

  • Higher business growth

  • Customer delight & real time servicing

  • Full echo-system information for real, timely decision making

  • Seamless integration of complete business information system

  • Advance level automation

  • Error free, auto updates of transactional info updates

  • Low cost of business operation