Document Management System

In supply chain and PLM, large size operations documents play a vital part in operational expenses and mangement. Mismanagement with them can cost dearly to your maintenance, projects and supply chain operations. A wrong document can lead to a wrongly designed asset, maintenance done in a wrong way or project construction developed wrongly resulting into a huge wastage of money and increasing work to revert such wrongdoings. There are numerous industry examples where various departments and people have different versions of documents as time pass by, leading to a lot pof confusion and wastage of time at the point of requirement of such document. In many industries, documents are part of regulatory requirements too.

Pravam offer consulting on document solutions using SAP DMS. Prime advantage with SAP DMS over any other DMS solution is it offers direct integration with objects in other SAP modules. For example a vendor contract can be assigned to the vendor work WBS in the project, thus enabling user to see the document right at the project monitoring dashboard. latest version of a equipment drawing can be seen right at the equipment master screen.